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The Main Ingredient

About the Creator1 258x300 The Main IngredientMy mother and I were extremely close and always laughed when together. Something crazy would always happen and make us chuckle even in moments when laughter wasn’t necessarily acceptable. My mother unexpectedly passed away in October of 2005. My friends and family were amazing supportive – they were right by my side every step of the way.

I held two funerals for her, one in New York and one in her home town, Talladega, Alabama. The NY funeral was extremely emotional. It was difficult to see her in that state, to see her friends in mourning and to hear my friend Carla, who has the voice of a song bird, sing  “Because You Loved Me” – a song that has always reminded me of my mom.

As you you can imagine, the plane ride to Alabama wasn’t any easier knowing that she was down below, cold and alone. However, it was good to see my grandmother once I arrived in AL as well as the people that had grown up with mom. However, the services there was a little different, not quite as emotional. I know that my mom was orchestrating a few things. Any time I would feel sad, something funny would happen. This had actually been going on for a while, even at ICU at the hospital. She would bring laughter to an otherwise grim situation.

Now, normally when I attend church in AL, the choir is fierce and are right on key. But on this particular day – not so much. The soloist started singing and was a little off. Apparently,  something got caught in her throat. She glared at the microphone as if it was the mic’s fault. I wanted to crack up, but I just took a deep breath and whispered “Mommie please don’t make me laugh at my own mother’s funeral.” Although it was extremely difficult to get through the day, especially seeing her lowered into her final resting place, it was comforting to know she was still by my side – as she always was.

Manwich 008 150x150 The Main IngredientA few weeks after I laid my mother to rest, my friend Mike called to give his condolences. I can still hear the words he spoke, “I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mother was an amazing woman.” He paused for a moment (I could just imagine him slowly shaking his head) and then he continued “she sure could make a Manwich. Her Manwiches were really good with the cheese melted just right.Yeah, she could make a Manwich. And that she could.

Today I tried my hand at making my mom’s famous Manwiches. They weren’t quite the same, but pretty close. All food tastes better when prepared with the main ingredient – love. Click here to check out the recipe. It’s just a slight twist on the original. Enjoy!

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