The Best Hot Sauce


HafsPepperSauce 250x300 The Best Hot SauceI am not a fan of spicy food. I feel like it ruins the taste and prevents me from enjoying the meal. However, my brother loves hot and spicy, like his women. He could not stop talking about the homemade hot sauce that Gwelda’s husband made. Harold Fairweather is the creator and owner of HAF’s pepper sauce. The sauce does not contain sodium and they use fresh ingredients. And it tastes really good – I am now a fan of hot sauce, well, this hot sauce. If you need to bring a little bit of zing to a dish, this is the product for you.

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Click here to view the Conched Out in Brooklyn webisode where I get a little “kick” from this pepper sauce when I add it to my Conched Fritters.

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