The Belgium Biscoff


Delta Diary

Biscoff 300x225 The Belgium BiscoffAnytime I board a Delta Airline flight I get a little excited; not because I love to fly, the seats are more comfortable or for any other reason other than the fact that I love their Biscoff cookies.

It didn’t matter that my flight was supposed to depart at 6AM, but couldn’t because the maintenance guy used too much de-icing fluid – the flight was delayed 5 hours, making me miss 4 1/2 out of the 8 hours that I had to work during the entire 10 hours I planned to be in Minneapolis. No, no, no, it did not; especially since at 7:15PM (weather permitting) that same evening, I would be back on another Delta flight indulging in these (yes, I ask for more than one pack) tasty delights. Why does such a simple snack allow one to have such patience and to experience so much joy?

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