Pizza the Right Way


HomemadePizzaItaly.jpg 300x200 Pizza the Right WayWood-Fired Pizza     Hey Mambo!

I woke up today thinking about pizza. No, not DiGiorno or Papa John’s, but real italian pizza with fresh ingredients: basil, mozzarella, prosciutto and homemade dough.

I’m reminiscing of how I spent my first evening of 2011 – in Tuscany baking my own pizza in a traditional outdoor wood-fired oven. I even stretched the dough. “Hey Mambo! Mambo Italiano…”

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a walk in the park or in this case, the Tuscan Forest. In fact, it was rather time consuming, allowing the yeast to rise (a process called blooming), cooking the sausage, dicing the homegrown tomatoes and other local vegetables, grading the fresh mozzarella and getting the fire rolling 4 hours prior to placing the pizza in the oven. However, it was all worth the effort. It was a New years Day I will never forget.

Check out the recipe and read more about my Italian excursion.

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