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No Cooking Allowed

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Life inevitably throws you a few curve balls and whether you like it or not, during your life you will experience an abundance of change. I always hated change. Whenever  I graduated from school or moved on from a long project I would get so sad because I knew that things would never be the same. Jen, Lea and I went from seeing each other on tour every day for over a year, to me in NY/LA, Lea moving back to Ohio and Jen now living in, of all places, Dubai. Jen called to say that she was coming to the states for a visit. With Jen being pregnant and living so far away, we knew we wouldn’t see her for a while so we agreed that this weekend would be the perfect opportunity to throw her a baby shower and have a girl’s getaway – the meeting place – The Golden State.

Tea Anyone?

AfternoonTeaPenninsulaHotel 150x150 No Cooking AllowedIt is said that the Duchess of Bedford (Anna Marie Stanhope) created the Afternoon Teatime in the early 1800s. She’s a girl after my own heart – she got hungry in between meals. She initially would have her servants bring her tea and breadstuffs to fight the hunger, but then changed to a European tea service and began inviting friends to join her. The Peninsula Hotel offers an Afternoon Tea, but with the amount of food that they serve it’s more like a High Tea without the meat. Their sitting is more complete than the average afternoon tea, with an abundance of savories, scones, sweets, desserts, champagne and of course, tea. Lea and I thought this would be a perfect way to celebrate the new addition to our family.

Now, I’m not a girly girl, I hardly ever wear make-up, I love to be comfortable and would rather reach for a pair of flip-flops or Uggs (yes, I know, they are no longer in style) before a pair of heels. However, when I attend an Afternoon or High Tea I get refined and just a little snooty. This day was no different, Afternoon Tea at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills – it doesn’t get more refined than that. Maybe it’s their fine china, the explicit service or the classical harpist they have playing in the Living Room as you dine. I’m not sure what it is, but I know that I like it. You would think that the bite sized delights that accompany the array of loose leaf teas wouldn’t be enough, but you would be wrong. We left there with our bellies full and quite satisfied. The food was amazing. So whether you are feeling the need to feast or are just in the mood to play dress up, attend one of the seatings offered at the hotel. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Loving Laguna

We decided to splurge and have our girls getaway at the Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach. We debated on picking a more economical hotel which would of course be the smarter choice. But with the hotel being right on the beach, the need to be pampered and the fact that we would most likely not be able to do this again anytime soon, we picked The Surf. Ok, so it wasn’t in the budget to get a 5-hour Swedish massage from a studly surfer named Skip, but we did all sit on the balcony comatose as we listened to the sound of the waves hitting the rocks in a metric symphony matched by no human musician. If we looked hard enough we probably would’ve seen a heavenly angel floating on a cloud playing a harp. We didn’t move for at least 20 minutes. The only reason we came out of our coma was because we were hungry.

Appetizer230RestaurantBar 150x150 No Cooking AllowedWe headed down to the hotel’s restaurant, Splashes. Who knew we needed reservations? Lucky for us the wait was long and the host recommended we go upstairs and eat at their outdoor lounge (same menu), because it allowed us to really experience the finer parts of Laguna and the resort. Their outdoor lounge, 15FiftyFive, has the cutest decor, the couches are very comfortable and the vibe is upscale, but fun. Most importantly, the lounge has an amazing view of the ocean and the food was exquisite. You have to go there to try their marinated beets, tomato soup and wild striped bass; the real winner was the Prosciutto Melts, resting on rustic tuscan bread, grilled with olive oil are delicious slices of prosciutto with melted buffalo mozzarella cheese. Wow! I was craving that prosciutto for a week to follow.

With the sun setting, the ocean produced a breeze that supplied the perfect evening temperature. We sat cuddled under our blankets, talking, laughing and eating…like Queens. I still don’t like change, but I love the fact that despite the distance and the time apart, we pick up right where we left off.

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