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MahJonggTiles 300x144 The Game of Mah JonggAlthough the game of Mah Jongg originated in China centuries ago, over the last 80-90 years it has become extremely popular amongst Jewish women. It became a huge success in NY when Abercrombie & Fitch’s owner, Ezra Fitch, started selling the game in the 1920s.

Mah Jongg is an intense game played by 4 people. Like dominoes, the game is played with tiles (anywhere from 136-152), but Mah Jongg is much more intricate. It’s a game of strategy that demands full concentration as you will witness when you watch the Matzoh & Mah Jongg webisode. It seemed like the hardest game ever. One lesson definitely isn’t enough. This is definitely a case of practice makes perfect. Diana and I are lost and have the deer in the headlight looks on our faces. You know how when you are learning something and you stare at someone for a long time with hopes that if you stare hard and long enough, you’ll be able to penetrate their mind and steal the knowledge of the subject at hand, well, that’s what we did, but it didn’t work. Diana and I looked like Alfalfa & Buckwheat from the Little Rascals. Mah Jongg is known as “Game of Thousand Intelligence”, need I say more? Thank God there is a certain degree of chance in this game otherwise I’d be screwed.

I love what the game of Mah Jongg represents. Without a doubt, I enjoyed being mentally challenged. But I especially love the fact that it became popular because it was a chance to get together with your friends, to relax, gossip and eat. That is right up Teaching Traci’s alley. I love it!

Check out the movie The Tiles That Bind. This documentary about the game is truly enlightening. You’ll see the importance of the game to both the Chinese and Jewish culture. Click on this link to view a tutorial on how to play the game of Mah Jongg. Enjoy!

  1. allofasuddenpartJew09-11-11

    Love this info on MahJongg. Going to use and credit this site. thanks!

    • Swain02-26-12

      Hi allofasuddenpartJew, so glad you like it. It’s interesting because the game is historical in both the Chinese and Jewish culture. Btw, I love your site. I wish you much success in your quest to learn more about your great-great-grandfather’s history.

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