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Il Cantuccio- The Non-Biscotti

IlCantuccio 300x189 Il Cantuccio  The Non BiscottiAleandro is the head baker at Il Cantuccio Di San Lorenzo. He is extremely passionate about his cookies and wants the world to know that there is a distinct difference between a Cantuccio and a Biscotti. Although similar, the proper Cantuccio, originating in Prato, Italy is a soft chewy cookie unlike the Biscotti which is hard and crunchy. Il Cantuccio Di San Lorenzo is a bakery located in the heart of Florence. They roll the dough in front of their ceiling to floor glass window and hand out free samples. This is how they lured us in, with a fresh, warm, chewy almond Cantuccio.

We missed their free demonstration, but Aleandro was nice enough to give us a private lesson on how to create these delicacies. Although he refused to share the secret ingredient(s), I left there learning one important thing, the Cantuccio beats the Biscotti on any given day. If you are ever in Florence, visit Il Cantuccio Di San Lorenzo, try all three samples (Almond, Chocolate and Orange Peel as well as the Figs and Walnuts) and buy several bags of your favorite kind. You will thank me for it.

0 Il Cantuccio  The Non Biscotti

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