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“Trying is better than studying”

-German Proverb

“I’m going to call you up two at a time, but in random numerical order.” These words were spoken by a beautiful confident women sitting behind the table, pen in hand. I thought to myself, “She is going to call me first.” Now, let me be clear, this was not a “Yah! She’s going to call me first.” This was more like an “Oh, bleep!, she’s going to call me first.” My heart began to palpitate – it felt like a 1,000 beats per minute. I knew the choreography and it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do, so why was I so nervous?

“Let’s have number 36 and 423.” I’m 423. O-M-G! My inner fears have manifested into reality. Why doesn’t that work when I think about hitting the lottery? As I walked to center court, I gave myself that inner pep talk, “You can do it. Just breath – smile and go for it.” In the lady’s stern voice she asked “Are you ready?” Number 36 responded yes and I continued to smile as I had instructed myself. The music began playing and I stood there. The other girl was just a dancing her life away and I didn’t move – I couldn’t move – I just stood there smiling. The Goddess stopped the music, looked at me quizzically and then asked “Are you ready?” I nodded and finally replied yes. If I only knew why we do that to ourselves. Why do we allow our insecurities to get the best of us? “Are you sure?” Yes, I replied and she pressed play. I danced my little butt off. I did my thing, booked the job and was proudly a Knicks City Dancer for 3 straight years.

There are several turning points in your life that help define you. Situations that help you grow, discover new things about yourself and allow you to establish life long friends – for me, it was dancing for the Knicks. Several years later, we still hang out and are always there for each other to depend on.

Our fearless leader, that confident, strong woman behind the table was Petra Pope and nothing has changed. She is still just as fierce as ever. You’ll witness this as you watch the Guten Tag webisode. Petra hosts a mini-KCD reunion where she guides me on how to cook meals from her German heritage, Wurstsalat, potato pancakes, homemade applesauce and her Oma’s Marble cake. Check it out and join us for brunch.

Click here to view the complete video of Sly teaching me how to become a mascot and here to view out-takesĀ from the Guten Tag webisode.

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  1. Maribel05-04-11

    Nice work Traci! So happy I could be there to share that terrific German meal. OXOX

    • Swain05-05-11

      Me too Bel

  2. Alicia Mazepa05-08-11

    Awesome! What a great time and your cooking was fantastic!! Can’t wait to see more of Teaching Traci :) Love the bloopers too!!!


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