Can You Believe That I Can’t Cook


It’s No Secret - I Can’t Cook!

TraciSweetSixteen.jpg 230x300 Can You Believe That I Cant CookLet me start off by saying that it doesn’t make sense – whatsoever – that I don’t know how to cook. My mom and I were extremely close and I was always in the kitchen with her when she was cooking. I routinely went food shopping with her and would often be her pseudo sous chef; she’d always let me get away with sneaking large chunks of cheddar (I love cheese) while she made baked Macaroni and Cheese. So, trust me, I was right there during the process, but I never had any interest in learning how to cook. I would  just let the virtuoso create her culinary masterpieces.

After my mom passed, it was difficult for me to go into a supermarket. I actually dreaded it because that was one of the many things we always did together. Our neighborhood supermarket was only a block away; yet it never failed, we would always run into at least two people we knew and just start yapping away. So, grocery shopping would always turn into a social outing.

I was in the supermarket the other day and saw a mother and daughter duo shopping and laughing. Now, I know it is best to avoid falling into the trap of any of the seven deadly sins, but I must admit, I was jealous. I miss the unconditional love, the good times we shared and the oneness.

I watch reruns of the Ghost Whisperer and often think of what I would say if I had the opportunity to speak to her again. I would say: I miss you more than you could ever imagine, I hate that you weren’t able to be at my wedding and please, please, please, before you cross over, show me how to make your baked turkey wings and fried chicken.

My cousin Toni promised that the next time we were together, she would teach me how to cook both those dishes, but in the meantime, if you make fried chicken and/or baked turkey wings that will “make someone want to smack their mama”, please share your recipe…

  1. Kristin Vanicek04-14-11

    I had tears in my eyes reading this blog. You are a blessed woman to have had such an wonderful friend and mother. She is looking upon you now so very proud of the amazing, super talented, caring woman you have become. All things are possible for you! You are unstoppable, so go for it and get all the wonders you were meant to posses.
    On your way to super stardom, pass me that recipe!

    • Swain04-16-11

      Thanks Kristin. Yes, I was blessed to have such an amazing mother. I will definitely send the recipe once Toni teaches me. In the meantime, click on “Recipe” on the navigation bar to view recipes for several amazing meals.

  2. Vanessa Minnillo04-19-11

    This is Beautiful! I am soooo proud of you. The Blog is perfect! It IS you! Now…. let’s get you cookin’ mama! I can’t wait for us to do more fun dishes together. Maybe this time, we’ll actually write stuff down, haha!

    • Swain04-19-11

      Thanks V! Yes, we have to get a cooking journal in the works. Btw, you are as much a master behind the camera as you are in front, thanks for all your amazing DP work in Italy. You’re hired!

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