BluePrint Blues

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BluePrintCleanse 300x225 BluePrint BluesI am trying to be a little healthier and get some of the toxins out of my body so I decided to do the 3 Day BluePrintCleanse. Their juices are raw, fresh pressed and organic. I am on my second day of the cleanse. I can take the taste, which I describe as “healthy tasting”; you know, when you drink something and it tastes as if someone blended up a leaf added every vitamin in the world and then served it to you. Well, that describes their green juice.

It probably isn’t as bad as I think, but I passed by the food truck on the corner of my apartment building this morning and I just can’t get that smell out of my mind. My advice to you, if you decide to do the cleanse… lock yourself in your apartment for the 3 days.

Just one more day.

  1. carly07-17-12

    hang in there – you can do it! keep drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, and do some light exercise, if your body is up for it. my first cleanse was a challenge, too, but i definitely felt much better afterwards. also, be sure to ease back into solid foods with lots of fruits and veggies. i definitely found after the cleans ei was more aware of what i put into my body and how it affected me – i learned alot about my relationship to food.

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