Beignets in the Big Easy


Deep Fried… French-Style

BeignetsInTheBigeasy 300x225 Beignets in the Big EasyWe were on the plane to New Orleans for business and Jimmy (tap dancer extraordinaire and louisiana native) kept talking about Cafe Du Monde and their world famous Beignets. I had no idea what he was talking about, but I knew it would be good because his description was making me salivate uncontrollably.

The minute we checked-in to our hotel, we journeyed to the French Quarter. There, I quickly fell in love with the food, the vibe and this addictive delight. Beignets are pastries made from deep-fried dough heavily sprinkled with powdered sugar, made to order, served hot and fresh.

As we strolled around this venerable city and soaked in the amazing sounds of the street performers, my alarm went off – that was our gentle reminder that we were not on vacation and work was calling. What can you do? The diversions of the Big Easy would have to wait.

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