Ballet Hispanico (While Dreaming of Arroz Con Pollo)

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BalletHispanicoTicket 300x80 Ballet Hispanico (While Dreaming of Arroz Con Pollo)Last night I had the pleasure of seeing an inspiring performance by Ballet Hispanico. This dance company uniquely blends ballet, modern and latin dance styles. The opening number was this unforgettable piece. It was entitled Nube Blanco which translates into White Cloud. Besides the triple fusion that BH is known for, the choreographer, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa, added a bit of Flamenco dance to the mix.

The next piece, choreographed by Ron K. Brown was accompanied by a live band lead by the vocal sounds of the afro-Peruvian diva, Susana Baca. The band consisted of a violin, percussion, bass and ¬†guitar player. Together they produced a poetic collaboration that was rich with unique, soulful imagery. The last number, Asuka, was a celebration piece honoring the music of the ‘Queen of Salsa’, Ms. Celia Cruz. It is said that Eduardo Vilaro (choreographer) was aiming to show the struggle that one experiences when leaving the place where they grew up, to venture out to find a new life, a new home – a new beginning.

Watching this company perform brought a huge smile to my face. It made me reminisce of my days at Performing Arts High School hanging with my friends and following my dreams. The evening was filled with fond memories, fierce talent, great music and a few laughs – on stage and with my friend Kobi.

But as I listened to the sound of the voices of Ms. Baca and Ms. Cruz and watched the dancers move with such precision, I got hungry. Now, I ate right before the show started so it wasn’t that my body needed food. I was just enthralled in the Latin American culture and wanted some well, Latin American food – platanos (maduro), arroz con gandules and pollo al horno – to be exact. It took all my might not to run up to the Cuchifritos on 148th and Willis Avenue in the Bronx and chow down, but trust me I will be there this weekend.

I will definitely be calling on my latin friends to teach me how to cook a latin meal, one filled with good seasoning, a little bit of fat and a lot of love. Don’t worry, I’ll share the recipe.


  1. Diana Bologna04-29-12

    I love this company. I took a few classes there years ago…thanks for reminding me of their uniqueness! I’ve never actually seen the company perform so I must say you have sparked my curiosity. When I go see dance companies I too am reminded of my time at the high school performing arts program (in NJ) and being in the dance repertoire company in college. Fun, creative times. Thanks for sharing Traci!!

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