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About the Show

The Telling of Teaching Traci

I grew up in a household where dinner was valued as an important family tradition. In our meals together, we shared conversation, the stories of our days, and discussed family issues. The connection that brought us together was my Mother’s delicious cooking.
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As a professional dancer, I spent a lot of time traveling and moved around quite a bit for work so it always felt good to return to Mom, family and home cooked meals.

After my Mother passed, I realized that I was losing this ritual, and I set about trying to fix that – to bring back that true feeling of family and togetherness that sharing a great meal can provide. However, I quickly realized there was a lot more know-how involved than I possessed. I had been so dependent on my Mom’s skills, I had never developed my own!

This is where Teaching Traci comes in; I am going to my friends for help. Living in the Cultural Melting Pot that is New York City, I’m lucky to have friends from ALL backgrounds, eager to assist me and happy to welcome me into their homes, family traditions, and favorite dishes.

As you share these experiences with me, you will learn a little, laugh a little, and be reminded that the kitchen is truly the heart of the home and that sharing a meal together is a way to slow down, reconnect, and truly nourish each other.

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