About the Creator
About the Creator

Traci Swain

tracitricycle  About the CreatorMy outlook on life was formed by the two very different locales I grew up in – the South Bronx during the school year, and summers spent at my Grandmother’s house in Talladega, Alabama. As a result, I grew into a tough, street-smart girl with a sweet, funny demeanor (so they say).

I was fortunate to grow up in a home with amazing traditional Southern cooking. My mom’s food drew the neighborhood to our dinner table and in Alabama, my grandmother’s masterful baking made each meal a celebration.

As a dancer and choreographer, I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I toured extensively throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe. I became passionate about meeting new people and forming lifelong friendships along the way, and enjoying meals that were so different than what I had grown up with – these meals became a way to investigate a culture and share in its traditions.

Although I loved to eat, I rarely felt the urge to cook. Since my mom’s passing, that has changed – I wish that I had paid more attention during the time I spent with her in the kitchen so I could have learned her secrets. Teaching Traci grew out of the desire to honor my mother’s memory by reestablishing the traditions my mother began and valued so greatly.

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